Krickett Jones Halpern is a Child Development specialist and creative artist with two young boys of her own, and over 25 years’ experience working with young children in various settings. She specializes in working with typically developing children, as well as children with developmental delays.

Krickett is an expert in the Arts and Socio-Emotional skill building. She is the founder of Drum to LEARN, Inc. an evidence-based program that uses creative musical expression to help children fine-tune social, emotional, and cognitive skill building, problem solving, character building and coping strategies delivered in a framework of drumming.

Krickett’s passion for guiding children in the right direction keeps her continually seeking ways to help children and gaining experience as a professional educator and creative artist. She loves stretching, meditating, staying organized, being creative and most of all, Root Beer floats and movie night with her family.