The Beat Goes On

Preschool School Readiness
August 12, 2012
Drum to LEARN, Inc., is the forefront of an effort to get more awareness and explore ways to learn social and emotional skill building more effectively. The Drum to LEARN, Inc. program is "playtime with a purpose." This is for all ages from preschool to elementary.
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Improved Test Scores
April 20, 2012
One of the affirmations taught during a drumming session is “slow down, stop and think.” Children are taught to use this strategy in a variety of situations, and find it especially helpful during test taking. The result is more thoughtful – and correct – answers!
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Music Training Improves Brain Function
August 12, 2013
During a drumming session, children are asked to follow or repeat rhythms, patterns, volume, and other sounds initiated by the group leader. The motor and listening skills involved in this musical exercise require attention, memory and the ability to inhibit other actions to stay on task.
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Drum out your frustrations
May 5, 2014
As adults many of us have heard of, or experienced first hand, the therapeutic release of anger and hostility through punching bags, pillow fights, or rubber bats. For a child, the opportunity to bang on a drum and actually hear and feel his frustration being released can be just as effective.
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Confidence Building
June 23, 2014
Drumming is fun and easy, and everyone loves to participate. Still, some children are reluctant to take the lead. After several sessions, however, and watching their classmates succeed, they are ready to give it a try. Since there is no grade for drumming, and no wrong answers, and the group supports each other, every child is virtually guaranteed success.
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