"Thank you so very much for letting me observe and participate in your classes yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. You have definitely developed a curriculum that meets the developmental needs of the children, and making learning FUN!"
Kyrie Sankaran, Ph. D.
"Krickett Jones Halpern's creativity, passion for children, and rich knowledge of brain science come together in a fun, engaging drumming program. It should be in all schools!"
Christine Stevens, author of Music Medicine; founder, UpBeat Drum Circles
"Drum to LEARN is an extraordinary program with lots of hands-on creativity and effective skills for all grade levels. What Krickett is doing strikes gold! School-wide all of our students are thriving and growing from the drumming experience."
Mr. Luis Rojas, Principle of Newcastle Elementary
"One of Pax’s teachers told Chad, my husband, in a serious way how amazing the drum session was! They were really impressed! Even one of the kids drew a picture for Pax, thanking him because she had been talking about it all night with her parents! Thank you so much, you made an impression!"
Alison Brown, mom of Pax 3 years old
"Drumming makes me feel……happy and excited." Sterling, Age 5
 …better." Elizabeth, Age 5
 …happy." Charlize, Age 4
 …like going to the zoo." Tifany, Age 4
 …like jumping up and down." Bijou, Age 4
 …like playing soccer." Alexis, Age 4
 …like eating ice cream." Emely, Age 4
 …like dancing." Drake, Age 5
"Thanks for making Mondays the highlight of the week."
Preschool mom of a 3 year old
"You opened my heart."
Kenia, Age 8, 3rd grade
"You made my life more interesting. You might make me succeed on the super bowl, aka, CST test. Today I felt nervous when I was in the middle of the class doing the rumble. Starting today I am going to "slow down, stop and think" and go to bed early."
Noelia, Age 8, 3rd grade
"This is an amazing program. I’d love to have this at my girls’ school."
Devon, Parent at the Library
"I like the smooth drum, I like the colorful drums. I like drumming, I am so happy."
Yetziri, Age 6, 1st grade
"Drumming makes me feel…excited, like when I go to Disneyland. I liked it when Miss Krickett made us drum louder."
Zoey, Age 5, Pre-Kindergarten
"Krickett is an inspirational teacher who brings out the best in her students through drumming."
Lucia Johnson, CEO Relax Inc.
"(I'm) Grateful for team building; we have music and movement scheduled everyday so we can literally use what we did here today."
Stacia, Preschool teacher
"Thank you for teaching us many things and for giving us your time. What I liked a lot was the wave and the rumble. But mostly I thank you because you taught every one how to work as a team and we all like that. Thank you."
Alex, Age 10, 5th grade
"Thank you so much for all of things you have done for us. You helped me on so many tests with "slow down, stop and think." I will take that with me throughout my years for sure. I learned so much more from you other than just that, like how much concentration can really affect things. I know now that team work can really make a difference. I want to thank you again for being so kind to all of us by giving us a time we will never forget."
Saul, Age 11, 5th grade