Drum to LEARN embraces every moment as a teaching moment and believes that these moments hold unlimited potential.
  • Process is product. During the process, Drum to LEARN children are establishing healthy patterns for life-long learning. The process creates the potential for a more successful "end product," a healthy young adult.

  • Repetition is the key to enabling a child to build a personal knowledge base from where he or she can recall and pull up these strengths when they are needed later in life. By developing a “growth mindset” –an attitude that allows for possibilities and promotes progress and problem solving – children improve their skills for effectively solving problems every day and in more challenging scenarios (Dweck 2006).

  • “Playtime with a purpose,” our tag line, is the key to motivating children to develop a healthy learning attitude. There’s a lot happening during playtime and the drums are a fun and useful tool for guiding them through their process.