The Beat Goes On

April 20, 2012

Improved Test Scores

One of the affirmations taught during a drumming session is "slow down, stop and think." Children are taught to use this strategy in a variety of situations, and find it especially helpful during test taking. The result is more thoughtful - and correct - answers!

Our first priority for Drum to LEARN, Inc. is focused on the development of the whole child. This means physical, social, emotional and cognitive. Being an adult or a child is never an easy job, and we all have challenges to face. Just as when we were younger; children are faced with so many life obstacles such as bullying, enhanced technology, and pressure to get good grades and even more pressure to get a good score on their state test. Life is stressful on its own but, during testing I have observed children under a great deal of anxiety. Adults often use affirmations to guide their thoughts; children also can benefit from affirmations. We all can benefit from coaching, mentoring, professional, as well as, friendly guidance and advice.

This is where Drum to LEARN, Inc. has incorporated programs such as Second Step and found the affirmation, "slow down, stop and think." It makes sense and during drumming sessions we examine the words and the meaning and what it may mean for each individual.

Below you will find testimonials from children that have had an experience with Drum to LEARN, Inc. and used their newly developed life skills wisely. There is one 3rd grader that stands out, Susie. She improved with her testing ability and will use her successful strategies and put it to good use in her daily life.

What Susie learned from drumming is that she has to, "slow down, stop and think" and from this she definitely thinks more during testing time. She also carries this new knowledge into other areas of her life. She became aware of and appreciates her teachers efforts and support; of how her teacher helps her to become smarter. Susie states in a letter she wrote to me, "you made me participate more in class." Because Drum to LEARN, Inc. weaves a multi-dimensional framework that is kinesthetic, as well as, visual and auditory it enhances the ability to recall under stressful times like test taking. Life is full of test taking from school achievement to driving. This goes hand and hand with Drum to LEARN, Inc. philosophy: "Every moment is a teaching moment." The process is the key. It is how we handle life and ourselves with situations that are given to us.

Testimonials from children:

"I learned to reread the directions. You remind me about CST test, about "slow down, stop and think." You helped me by giving me advice. Drumming is fun! You taught us so much." - Esmeralda, Age 8

"Thank you for teaching us how to use drums. You really helped me by telling me advice for the Super Bowl (aka) CST test. Now I think I can get a better grade on the CST. I got 100% on the practice test because the advice you gave me." - Saul Alfaro, Age 8

"Thank you for the drumming lesson. My favorite part of the drumming lessons was when you were giving us advice, like slow down, stop and think. I'm glad we had this program other wise we wouldn't be prepared for the super bowl (aka) CST test." - Vanessa, Age 8

"Thank you for teaching us drumming. I like the word "slow down, stop and think." I got 88% and 95% for slowing down, stopping and thinking. I wish I could have drumming again." - Eddie, Age 8

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